IGNOU Responsibilities : A Much needed Guideline for Students to Clear Their Exams

IGNOU is the largest Open University and the junior high largest University in the world. IGNOU played a vital role in the establishment of Distance Education Authorities (DEC) that is accountable to setting up the standards of Distance Education in Of india. It has AIOU Study Centers over 961 across Of india and approximately 13 lakh students enrolled in it. Here every course of each session consists of 2 parts : the first is session wise examination and the other is the IGNOU Responsibilities. Both the parts are mandatory as well as important for the students to pass out successfully their semesters. It is very important for the students to submit the solved responsibilities related to their particular course in order to get promoted further.

These IGNOU Responsibilities 2011 pick up in all the courses like : MBA, MCA, BCA, MOTHER, BBA, B. Sc, T. COM, etc. These responsibilities are ship to the students by the IGNOU University at his/her home by post. The students are supposed to solve and complete them within the given time period declared by the University. The responsibilities usually consist of several grouped questions and one or two essay to be written on given topics. These are marked responsibilities and candidates submitting them on time can gain some easy marks for the total marks calculation. For MBA responsibilities it has been advised to the students to give examples that reflect their idea and concept related to the course. For this they can go for live examples that they can get via business news channels, newspapers, blogs, etc. This mission not only helps the students to get good grades but will also prepare them for their examination too.

Some of the tips to solve responsibilities of BCA, MCA, BBA as well as others are : to understand the questions properly, focus on what exactly is asked, try and solve the problem by thinking intensely about it, pick up the main points and write the answers, after all these all that is left is the inclusion of the answers. By going through these basic steps a candidate can successfully complete his responsibilities.

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