Why you should Buy a New Shed This Winter

If you have a garden you probably own some sort of garden shed. The garden shed is a great British classic, a common look in most homes. But often outdoor garden sheds are left to rot and decay – suffering from damage caused by wet weather. As the winter approaches a rotting shed can become a big problem. Many of us use our outdoor garden sheds to store garden and home items which have no place somewhere else. If a shed is rotted or damaged لیست قیمت کانکس ساندویچ پانل in any way it can make it not fit for purpose for storage, putting items vulnerable.

Buying a new shed can be a daunting experience for many home gardeners, there is a large range of outdoor garden sheds available and it can be hard to choose the right one. Choosing the right shed is critical, a shed should be an investment and buying the wrong one could result in you having to spend more money in the not to far-away future.

Wooden outdoor garden sheds are the most popular type of shed available; this is mostly down to their traditional design, quality construction and natural exterior. Many people think a wooden shed is a wooden shed – but there are many different options and styles available.

There are three main areas to consider when buying a shed primarily for storage; size, security and weather. Choosing the right sized shed is critical; if you choose a shed which is too small you may need to buy more storage space in the future. Buy a shed which is too big and you might end up with excess space and a loss of garden space. Lay out all your storage items and collection them that these folks were in a shed. Measure the dimensions of all your things. Now consider that that might grow year by year and yourself need room in your shed to move around and access items.

Security is also another serious point to consider when choosing a shed for storage. Criminals often target outdoor garden sheds in the winter time because they are vulnerable and easy to break into. If the items you want to store are of any value you need to consider buying a shed with extra security.

Wooden outdoor garden sheds come with two main options of cladding – tongue and groove or overlap cladding. Overlap cladding is the most affordable option and it often applied to low value outdoor garden sheds. Overlap outdoor garden sheds are constructed from overlapping pieces of bushes which are nailed together to create a solid panel. This gives a shed a rustic look and also creates a weatherproof panel. Overlap outdoor garden sheds are recommended for storing less valuable items as they can be easily broken into and lack many safety features. If you were to purchase an overlap shed you will have to invest in security products for your shed.

Tongue and groove cladding is the option most recommended for more valuable items. Tongue and groove cladding is good for specially molded timbers which have been intended to interlock one another. This interlocking system creates a strong and solid panel which is weather proof and much stronger than an overlap panel. Tongue and groove is more expensive then an overlap shed but the extra strong panels and top quality construction are worth any additional money. Unlike overlap outdoor garden sheds, tongue and groove outdoor garden sheds are much harder to break into and usually feature extra security like stronger locks and lockable windows.

Winter weather can be very damaging to garden outdoor garden sheds. Winter conditions like wind, rain and excellent skiing conditions make a difference to a shed and cause flaws. Overlap cladding is weatherproof but does not have a weatherproof close up like tongue and groove cladding. Tongue and groove cladding interlocks and creates one solid panel. If an overlap shed is too wet it can problem and affect its content. The roof of a shed is also important, it needs to be covered in high quality roof felt to make it waterproof. Overlap outdoor garden sheds will come with roof felt but a tongue and groove shed is delivered with an outstanding, mineral roof felting – a more protective layer for your shed.

Buying a new shed for the wintertime is essential if you want to protect your storage items. Your old shed might be standing now but after strong winter weather it could be damaged or cave in, putting your storage items vulnerable. Investing in a new shed is a small cost to pay before the winter weather really takes hold.

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